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PHP Training

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PHP Training

PHP is one of the most essential & popular web programming languages & knowing it gives you an edge in the web development field. All big companies like Google, Apple, Facebook, Wikipedia and many others use it for their web applications. Knowing PHP, you can find a job anywhere or work on your own or as a freelancer.PHP is a powerful server-side scripting language for creating dynamic and interactive websites.PHP is perfectly suited for Web development and can be embedded directly into the HTML code.By mastering these subjects you will be able to develop and maintain dynamic and interactive web pages and also retrieve and update data from a database over the internet.

Why Should You Choose This Certification?

  • The major concepts of Web Technology.
  • To build web applications using PHP on MVC Framework.
  • To create forms using helper functions and work with form data.
  • To use arrays and hashes and SQL syntax.
  • Implement security strategies while developing applications.
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PHP Training - Instructor Led Training

15 th  October
Sat&Sun (4 Weeks) Weekends Batches
Timings: 07:00 AM - 11:30AM(IST)
Sold Out
25 th  October
Sat&Sun (4 Weeks) Weekends Batches
Timings: 07:00 AM - 11:30AM(IST)
Filling Fast
1 st  November
Sat&Sun (4 Weeks) Weekends Batches
Timings: 07:00 AM - 11:30AM(IST)

PHP Curriculum

  • What Is PHP
  • Installing PHP
  • Variables
  • Strings And Conjugation
  • String Manipulation
  • HTML Entities
  • Arrays
  • Explode And Implode
  • Operators
  • Loops
  • Including Files
  • Functions
  • Constants
  • Checking If It Exists
  • Date And Time
  • Ternary Logic
  • Sessions
  • Server Super Global Variable
  • Cookies
  • File Upload
  • Emails
  • File I/O Operations
  • Introduction And Getting Started
  • Creating A Database
  • Creating The Article Index
  • Creating The Article View Page
  • Building A Control Panel To Manage Content
  • Creating Article Posting Functionality
  • Deleting CMS Articles
  • Controllers
  • Modal
  • Views
  • Basic Calculator
  • URLs, Mod Rewrite And URIs
  • Working With The MySQL Database
  • Connecting to Database
  • Getting Values
  • Inserting
  • Updating Values
  • Form Validation Library
  • Introduction
  • Understanding PHP Data Objects (PDO)
  • Affected Row Count
  • Binding Values to Queries
  • Error Detection
  • Returning The Last Inserted ID
  • Handling multiple exceptions

About PHP Training

PHP Development Suite is a comprehensive training program that equips candidates with the fundamentals of PHP with extensive practice in coding of functional web applications. With constant technological advancements in this competitive era witnessing continuously changing programming platforms, PHP has now become the leading and highly accepted web-application development technology worldwide.PHP is a server-side scripting language, which is extensively designed for website development. It is also used as an all-purpose programming language as it is user-friendly and efficient. PHP is an easy program language with logical syntax and well-described command functions. This programming language is scalable and can be easily used while writing codes, creating web applications and can also be relied upon while serving several web pages. PHP Development Suite is comprehensive and is suited for both beginners as well as advanced learners. PHP Development Suite is best suited for web developers, software engineers, system engineers, mobile app developers, freelancers and anyone looking build powerful websites with PHP.

PHP is everywhere and is a demanding skill. This course will teach you all the core concepts needed to efficiently apply PHP. This certification will benefit aspiring web designers & developers. This course will also benefit bloggers, programmers or business owners.Students who want to learn PHP from start & anyone who want to learn the basics of PHP or want to improve their web development skills will gain from this course. By the end of this PHP course you will have enough knowledge to create a website of your own..

  • Understand the basics of the Web Technology
  • Learn all major concepts of PHP and MySQL that beginner developers need to master
  • Learn all major concepts of MVC architecture in general and it advantages over conventional web development methods
  • Round off your application development skills by understanding how to implement PHP on a website using MVC framework
  • Gain the PHP programming skills needed to successfully build interactive, data-driven sites
  • Create forms easily using helper functions and work with form data
  • Work with real-time data
  • Use cookies and sessions with helper functions
  • Work with regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data
  • Work with regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data
  • Object oriented concepts
  • Uploading files to server
  • Manipulate system files
  • Become a proficient PHP/MySQL web developer using MVC architecture.

Basic HTML knowledge, basic understanding of computer programming language, internet, database, especially RDBMS.

Frequently Asked Question's

This course is for professionals who want to strengthen their concepts of PHP & MySQL with a MVC framework or those who want to make a career in Web development

Please send us an email to, and we will answer any queries you may have!