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Scrum Product Owner Certified

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Scrum Product Owner Certified

The Product Owner represents the interests of the stakeholder community to the Scrum Team. The Product Owner is responsible for ensuring clear communication of product or service functionality requirements to the Scrum Team, defining Acceptance Criteria, and ensuring those criteria are met. The Product Owner must always maintain a dual view. He or she must understand and support the needs and interests of all stakeholders, while also understanding the needs and workings of the Scrum Team.

Why Should You Choose SPOC Certification?

  • Applicants will be awarded the Scrum Product Owner Certified certificate by SCRUMstudy upon successfully passing the certification exam.
  • This certification is for anyone who interfaces with stakeholders or works as a Product Owner in a Scrum Team.
  • There is a better career opportunity on doing the certification.
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SPOC Certification - Instructor Led Training

15 th  October
Sat&Sun (4 Weeks) Weekends Batches
Timings: 07:00 AM - 11:30AM(IST)
Sold Out
25 th  October
Sat&Sun (4 Weeks) Weekends Batches
Timings: 07:00 AM - 11:30AM(IST)
Filling Fast
1 st  November
Sat&Sun (4 Weeks) Weekends Batches
Timings: 07:00 AM - 11:30AM(IST)

SPOC Curriculum

  • What is Agile? and Why use Agile?
  • The Agile Manifesto and its Principles
  • Declaration of Interdependence
  • Agile vs. Traditional Project Management
  • Agile Methods
  • Planning in Scrum
  • Scrum Framework
  • Scrum Roles
  • Scrum Flow
  • Create Project Vision
  • Identify Scrum Master and Stakeholders
  • Form Scrum Team
  • Develop Epics
  • Create Prioritized Product Backlog
  • Conduct Release Planning
  • Create User Stories
  • Estimate User Stories
  • Commit User Stories
  • Direct and Manage Project Work
  • Identify Tasks
  • Estimate Tasks
  • Perform Integrated Change Control
  • Create Sprint Backlog
  • Create Deliverables
  • Conduct Daily Standup
  • Groom Prioritized Product Backlog
  • Demonstrate and Validate Sprint
  • Retrospect Sprint
  • Release
  • Ship Deliverables
  • Retrospect Project

About SPOC Training

A Product Owner is the one who creates and maintains the product vision, Maintains the Product Backlog, and ensures that the best realizable job is finished to satisfy the customer. The Product Owner must always confirm a dual view. He or she must comprehend and maintain the needs and interests of all stakeholders, though moreover bargain the needs and workings of the Scrum Team.

The Product Owner does the job of until the withdraw of time tempting the customer and stakeholders to ensure that the Team is building the right product and delivering the business value intended from it. Also, at the subside of all Sprint, the Product Owner has the opportunity to desire the team in the dispensation which will create value for the stakeholders.The Product Owner in addition to keeps inspecting the con ended by the Scrum Team at the fade away of all Sprint and has the absolute authority to involve or disavow their do something or to suggest modifications.

Has the authority to concern forward less a Sprint if the Product Owner feels that there is the drastic revise in admin needed and the Spent is no longer needed. It may happen in cases where the competitor releases an auxiliary product and the client wants a counter correspond.The responsibilities of a Product Owner are onerous and there are a lot of hats that have to be worn by him hence the choice of a Product Owner must be done wisely as it could lead to success or failure for the entire project which could ultimately mean success or failure of the company.

The course is within enough limits for anyone who is working in product supervision through the use of Scrum. This could be someone added to Product Ownership, someone who has been conduct yourself it for some time but has never had the formal training when regard to the responsibilities of a Product Owner. All attendees, regardless of their experience, will learn useful insights into the role and how to fulfill the responsibilities.

There is no formal prerequisite for this certification. However, SDC or SMC Certified professionals will be skillful to enlarged permit on the concepts required for this endorsement test. It is along with highly recommended to attend a 2-day SPOC classroom training provided by TransGemini International.

Frequently Asked Question's

The topmost work of an owner is to provide details of the project to the Scrum team so that they can have a clear vision.They also focus on customer requirements and stakeholders.

Upon Completion of this Course,you will accomplish following :

  • Understand the goal of release management
  • Understand why softwares should be released early and frequently
  • Understand the release burndown chart
  • Understand how a release plan can help forecast the future
  • Understand how the Product Owner and Development Team collaborate during the Sprint

Scrum Product Owner Certification will open new doors of opportunities for you and it will help you pace your career

  • Scrum Product Owners are usually in high position
  • They need to effectively maintain and manage a responsive backlog
  • Maintain a clear focused goal in line with customers and shareholder's requirements
  • Align yourself with these examples of organizations that use Scrum:Netflix,Adobe,ING and Vodafone