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Security Speciality Certification Training

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Security Speciality Certification Training

Amazon Cloud- Amazon Web Services. Learn all the available Identity and Security tools and services under catalog, and what we can do with each service provided with platform. This course covers wide range of AWS services with theoretical lectures and practical demonstration including-Artifact, CloudHSM, Certificate Manager, Secrets Manager, Directory Service, Guard Duty, Inspector, Single Sign-On, WAF and Shield, etc

Why Should You Choose This Certification?

  • Will be prepared to give AWS Certified Security Specialty Exam.
  • You will be able to Master the Security aspect of AWS.
  • Will be able to detect attacks and protect AWS infrastructure from Hacker.
  • Gain deep insights about Enterprise grade Security implementation.
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Security Speciality - Instructor Led Training

15 th  October
Sat&Sun (4 Weeks) Weekends Batches
Timings: 07:00 AM - 11:30AM(IST)
Sold Out
25 th  October
Sat&Sun (4 Weeks) Weekends Batches
Timings: 07:00 AM - 11:30AM(IST)
Filling Fast
1 st  November
Sat&Sun (4 Weeks) Weekends Batches
Timings: 07:00 AM - 11:30AM(IST)


  • Case Study of Hacked Server
  • Dealing with AWS Abuse Notice
  • AWS GuardDuty
  • Understanding Incident Response Terminology
  • Incident Response Use-Cases for Exams
  • Use Case - Dealing with Exposed Access Keys
  • Use Case - Dealing with compromised EC2 Instances
  • Incident Response in Cloud
  • Penetration Testing in AWS
  • Introduction to Vulnerability, Exploit, Payload
  • VEP Practical - Hacking inside a test farm
  • Understanding Automated Vulnerability Scanners
  • Common Vulnerabilities Exposures & CVSS
  • Introduction to AWS Inspector
  • Configuring AWS Inspector
  • AWS Inspector & Nessus - CVE scans
  • Best Practices in Vulnerability Assessments
  • Overview of Layer 7 Firewalls
  • Understanding AWS WAF
  • Implementing AWS WAF with ALB
  • AWS WAF Supported Services
  • Understanding EC2 Run Command
  • Deploying our first RunCommand
  • Patch Compliance with SSM
  • EC2 Systems Manager - Parameter Store
  • Understanding CloudWatch Logs
  • Pushing Linux system logs to CloudWatch
  • CloudWatch Events
  • AWS Athena
  • Overview of AWS CloudTrail
  • Improved Governance
  • Trusted Advisor
  • CloudTrail - Log File Integrity Validation
  • Digest Delivery Times
  • Overview of AWS Macie
  • Creating our First Alert with AWS Macie
  • S3 Event Notification
  • VPC Flow Logs
  • Implementing Bastion Hosts
  • Introduction to Virtual Private Networks
  • OpenVPN is Awesome
  • OpenVPN
  • Overview of AWS VPN Tunnels
  • Using AWS VPN for On-Premise to AWS connectivity
  • Configuring first IPSec tunnel with OpenSwan
  • Inter-Region VPC Peering
  • VPC Endpoints
  • Transit VPC
  • Network ACL
  • Understanding Stateful vs Stateless Firewalls
  • Understanding Networking Sockets
  • Revising Security Groups
  • Connection of Security Group & NIC Cards
  • Egress Rules - The Real Challenge
  • IPTABLES & Instance Metadata
  • IDS / IPS in AWS
  • EBS Architecture & Secure Data Wiping
  • Introduction to Reverse Proxies
  • Understanding the Content Delivery Networks
  • Understanding Edge Locations
  • Deploying Cloudfront Distribution
  • Understanding the Origin Access Identity
  • Understanding importance of SNI in TLS protocol
  • CloudFront Signed URL
  • Real World example on DOS Implementation
  • AWS Shield
  • Mitigating DDOS Attacks
  • Introduction to Application Programming Interface (API)
  • Understanding the working of API
  • Building Lambda Function for our API
  • API Gateway - Important Pointers for Exams
  • Understanding AWS Organizations
  • AWS Organizations - Practical
  • IAM Policy Evaluation Logic
  • Understanding IAM Policies
  • IAM Policies
  • Delegation - Cross Account Trust
  • Cross Account IAM Policy Document
  • Revising AWS CLI
  • Revising IAM Role
  • EC2 Instance Meta-Data
  • Understanding working of an IAM role
  • AWS Security Token Service
  • Understanding Federation
  • Understanding SAML for SSO
  • Capturing SAML Assertion Packets with Tracer
  • Establishing trust between IdP and SP
  • Choosing a right IdP
  • AWS Cognito
  • Introduction to AWS Directory Service
  • Understanding Active Directory
  • Deploy our first SimpleAD based directory service
  • Domain Joining EC2 instance with Directory Service
  • IAM & S3
  • S3 Bucket Policies
  • Cross Account S3 Bucket Configuration
  • Canned ACL's
  • Understanding Signed URL's
  • S3 - Versioning
  • S3 - Cross Region Replication
  • IAM Permission Boundaries
  • Introduction to Cryptography
  • Plain Text vs Encrypted Text Based Algorithms
  • CloudHSM
  • AWS Key Management Service
  • Reducing Risk of Unmanageable
  • KMS - Authentication and Access Control
  • KMS Policy Evaluation Logic - Use Case Solution
  • Document - KMS Use Case
  • KMS Grants
  • Document - KMS Grants Commands
  • Importing Key Material to KMS
  • Document - Imported Key Material Commands
  • S3 Encryption
  • Revising ELB Listener Configuration
  • ELB Listeners - Understanding HTTP vs TCP Listeners
  • Understanding AWS Certificate Manager
  • Deploying SSL/TLS certificate with ACM
  • Configuring ELB with HTTPS for SSL Offloading
  • Glacier Vault
  • DynamoDB Encryption
  • Overview of AWS Secrets Manager
  • RDS Integration with AWS Secrets Manager

About Security Speciality

  • Learn all the available Identity and Security tools and services under catalog, and what we can do with each service provided with platform.
  • This course covers wide range of AWS services like Artifact, CloudHSM, Certificate Manager, Secrets Manager, Directory Service, Guard Duty, Inspector, Single Sign-On, WAF and Shield, etc.
  • We would explore AWS Security Speciality Certification that one can take, exploring all the security services and options to wisely implement cloud security.
  • We would explore how we can prepare for an aws ceritfication, what are the services covered, exam pattern, weightage, syllabus, etc.
  • This course is generally for aws certification aspirants providing them all the necessary information regarding certification before taking actual exam, in a manner to maximise the benefits of certification and chances of being certified.
  • An understanding of specialized data classifications and AWS data protection mechanisms.
  • An understanding of data encryption methods and AWS mechanisms to implement them.
  • An understanding of secure Internet protocols and AWS mechanisms to implement them.
  • A working knowledge of AWS security services and features of services to provide a secure production environment.
  • Competency gained from two or more years of production deployment experience using AWS security services and features.
  • Ability to make tradeoff decisions with regard to cost, security, and deployment complexity given a set of application requirements.
  • An understanding of security operations and risk.
  • Anyone who just wants to learn and test Amazon Web Services Platform or any developer willing to develop his/her application over Amazon Cloud- Amazon Web Services.
  • Anyone who may take AWS Cloud Security- Speciality Certification Exam and would be preparing for it.
  • Anyone who is interested in making a career in cloud computing.

No prerequisites at all. You just need a little experience of doing GOOGLE search only ! But if u are aware of some cloud based or web development tools and technologies, it is helpful.

Frequently Asked Question's

The AWS Certified Security Specialty is a certification based around securing applications in AWS. It is one one three specialty certifications offered by AWS. The certification focuses on five components or domains when designing and operating security in the cloud. These are:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Detective Controls
  • Infrastructure Protection
  • Data Protection
  • Incident Response

This course has been developed to provide you with the requisite knowledge to not only pass the AWS Certified Security Specialty certification exam but also gain the hands-on experience required to become a qualified AWS security specialist working in a real-world environment.

Please send us an email to, and we will answer any queries you may have!